British Podcast Awards - Listeners Award

I launched The Unconventionalists podcast as a passion project in 2015 with no clear idea or plan. The only intention I had was to share unfiltered and honest conversations about what it's really like to turn your passion into a business.

Because for too long I felt like I was the only one struggling until I started hearing other people open up about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.

And I just knew other people needed to hear these stories too. So I got a microphone out and started recording interviews.

Never once could have I imagined that I would be sitting here speaking with you today about what an incredible adventure it's been to produce and release 60+ episodes.

I've been so honoured to speak to so many inspiring and amazing guests from all walks of life, from best-selling authors to disruptive entrepreneurs, who all shared one thing in common: the willingness to whole-heartedly share their struggles, aha-moments and favourite lessons.

But now I'm turning to you, our listener. Because you can help us get on the map of British podcasting by casting your vote for the up coming British Podcast Awards.

It's easy, peasy, sound-bite squeezy and should take less than 2min, tops!



1) Go to

2) Enter "The Unconventionalists" in the search box:

3) Click on "The Unconventionalists with Mark Leruste"

4) Enter your details and click "Submit"

Voila! Job Done!

Thank you so much for your help.

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Mark x