How to rate and review The Unconventionalists podcast on your iPhone

If you've been listening to The Unconventionalists podcast and have enjoyed the content, one way you can support the show is to 1) subscribe and 2) rate and review the show on iTunes.

The reason is that rankings on iTunes are determined mainly by four factors: 

  • Subscribers
  • Downloads
  • Ratings
  • Reviews

So the more of each we have, the higher the podcast ranks. The higher it ranks, the more people have access to it. The more people have access to it, the more we can inspire. Simple right?

Below you will find a step-by-step process to rate and review the show using your iPhone. I've timed it and it should take you less 2min!

Thanks in advance!

(If you're looking to rate and review the show on your laptop, click here.)

STEP 2: Search for the "Podcasts" app and open up the App by tapping on it.

STEP 1: Swipe down on your phone screen. The search tool will appear at the top.

STEP 4: Type in the search bar "The Unconventionalists". Click on it.

STEP 3: Once the app is open, make sure you're on the "Search" tool (see arrow).

STEP 6: Next, click on the middle tab "Reviews".

STEP 5: Click on the bottom left thumbnail of the show.

STEP 7: Click on "Write a review".

STEP 8: Write your review and click "Send"!


N.B: When you get to step #8 and you write your review, I recommend you make sure to pick a unique "Nickname", for example by adding a series of numbers at the end of it. Unfortunately, the way iTunes works, if the nickname you pick is already taken, your review won't be saved and you're have to write it again. Problem is, you will only find out if your nickname is already taken once you click "send". As iTunes doesn't save the draft. I recommend you take the time to save the text (you can do this by keeping your finger pressed on a word and click "Select All" followed by "Copy" ).