#51 How to master body language with Gina Barnett

Gina Barnett is the speaker coach for the MainStage TED Conference and is the author of "Play The Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success."

If you've ever wondered why some speakers come across more powerfully than others, or why TED talks are so special, Gina breaks it down for you by using simple language that we can all get behind.

As a public speaker myself, I know how self-conscious I can get with how I look on stage. From how I hold my arms to how my feet are positioned or how much am I leaning to one side. Gina is a master speaking coach who generously shares all her insights, tips and secrets to help you become a better communicator. 

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#49 How to use the power of performance with Cathy Salit

#49 How to use the power of performance with Cathy Salit

You've probably heard of high-school drop outs becoming successful entrepreneurs. But have you ever heard of a junior high-school drop out? Who at 13 years old decided to quit school to start her own unconventional school in an abandoned store front (read squat) in New York City and convince not only students to join her but faculty too? Well, now you have. Meet Cathy Salit.